Tracy Warrington

Whether you are buying or selling your home, it is critical that you have a strong, successful negotiator on your team. You get that and so much more when Tracy Warrington teams up with you! Not only does Tracy keep abreast of the current markets and trends, she values building a relationship with her clients above all else. How else can she ensure your goals and dreams are being met?

From your initial consultation and meeting with Tracy to the negotiations and right through to the close; Tracy remains your reliable go-to professional when it comes to real estate and all skillfully negotiated with your best interests in mind. We’d all like to think we can handle a real estate transaction on our own, but why would you? Any move involves a great deal of time and energy, so meet with Tracy and let Tracy do for you what she does best.

Tracy’s 20+ year track record of successful professional negotiations, land acquisitions and project management blends extremely well the education and accreditation to support her client list. One that includes landowners, Provincial and Municipal governments, First Nations and clients interested in single home sales and purchases. That kind of background can only serve to benefit you, because successful negotiation includes much more than simply having a bottom price or a nice house. Experience like Tracy’s is hard to match especially when paired with understanding her clients as she does, and mediating with other parties on your behalf.  These too, are just as important for a successful transaction and with Tracy – she is all in!

Tracy’s credentials are real and tangible, and her background in Collaborative Conflict Resolution has two specialties: Mediations and Negotiations. Who else do you know can say they have also successfully completed a course called Professional Ethics and Core Values? Let Tracy provide you with exceptional skills to negotiate your transaction in the best way possible.

Tracy Warrington is a professional who gets it. Her recent work with the MD of Foothills No. 31 as the Flood Recovery and Erosion Control Program Coordinator and volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross after the 2013 Southern Alberta Floods, allowed her unique insight into how people think and feel about their homes. Regardless of why you are relocating, this Certified Condominium Specialist with the Calgary Real Estate Board and Certified Negotiation Expert with the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, will work diligently to find the right fit for your needs. She brings it all – great business experience that could be working for you!