Our Guilty Pleasure Can Be Good For Our Health

It is one of life’s guilty pleasures.

But occasionally eating a bar of chocolate may actually be good for us!

Scientists found moderate consumption can cut a person’s risk of heart failure by 13%

Researchers believe natural compounds in chocolate boost blood vessel health and help reduce inflammation.

But they urged moderation – eating chocolate is only healthy if you do it occasionally, because the sugar and fat means more frequent consumption does more harm than good.

Space Jam 2?!

Here’s your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam!

Space Jam 2 is happening!

The highly-anticipated follow-up to the hit movie starring  Michael Jordan is happening!

But without Michael…

Now, over 20 years later, Space Jam 2 will star LeBron James!

And of course Bugs Bunny himself

The New Flavor of Candy Cane is….

When Christmas comes around it means Candy Canes are going to be EVERYWHERE

And in the last few years, there’s been some interesting Candy Cane Flavors.. Like Dill Pickle, Cinnamon, etc

This year the new flavor to watch out for is….. MAC N CHEESE CANDY CANES

The yellow and white-striped treats are meant to be comfort food that tastes like comfort food” with “instant mac & cheese flavor.”

NEW STUDY: Eating More Cheese Might Help You Live Longer

According to new research, fulfilling all of your cheese inspired dreams is just another way to take care of your health, because apparently, eating cheese might help you live longer.

Researchers separated reduced-fat dairy consumption from the full-fat counterparts to determine how these different foods affected people’s cardiovascular health.

Go ahead and load up on on the cream cheese on your morning bagel, because according to the study, the researchers found that eating more than two servings a day can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

And while the study did find that eating cheese has a slightly positive impact on heart health, milk and yogurt were the real stars to give you a long healthy life.


Jack Daniels COFFEE?!

So a friend told me this past weekend that whiskey and coffee is a thing…
Yup! It’s a classic after dinner treat!
But what if you love the flavor and want to bring it with you into the office in the morning… without it being a sign of alcoholism?Infuse the beans with the whiskey, obviously!

Jack Daniel’s now has their own brand of whiskey-infused coffee beans. It even comes in decaf!

You can get it here

~ Megan

Relationship > Networking

Forget networking and embrace relationships.


Networking is one and done. It’s where you shake someone’s hand and give them a business card but usually nothing else after that

Listen, everyone wants to connect with amazing people, work with them and then use the experience for landing the next amazing opportunity. That’s the point of networking

But if you love someone and build a meaningful relationship, you’re more forgiving and won’t drop them if something goes wrong.

Also tip… Don’t just rely on social media to grow your relationships.

Networking may look good for a moment. But honestly spending and getting to know a person should be a bigger priority. Build relationships!

Psychologists Explain Why We Love Baking For People!

Are you someone who will legit look for any excuse to heat up the over and bake a cake for someones birthday, make holiday cookies for any holiday, or make some brownies because why not?

Well psychologists can now explain why some people love baking for other people.


There’s 3 reasons.

1. Baking is a productive form of self expression and communication. Baking has the benefit of allowing people creative expression, and when baking for other people, its  a helpful way to communicate one’s feelings when sometimes there’s no words that can explain what your trying to say.

2. Baking is a form of mindfulness. It increases happiness and reduces stress.

3. Baking is a selfless act. At the heart of baking for others is the very act of giving. While the process of baking can contribute to an overall sense of well being, giving heightens that feeling.

Fur-ternity Leave In The Workplace

Ever wanted to add a new member to the family, but just don’t have the time in your schedule?

We’re not talking about a baby… We’re talking a new FURRY family member.

Well a digital marketing firm is now offering “fur-ternity leave” to let employees with new pets work from home for a week.

Their goal is to celebrate their diverse work force and support work-life balance, which means allowing employees to have time off to raise their pup .

To make sure employees don’t abuse the policy by simply getting a new goldfish each week, the policy does not apply for pets in tanks or cages.

Did You Know That You Can Actually Live in Disney World

Being able to live in Disney World is usually just a wish your heart makes..

But it’s more than just a dream… It’s a reality… Well for those who can afford the $1.8 million entry point that is.

That’s right you can live at DisneyWorld! (seriously this is my dream)

This magical place is called Golden Oak. The community has elegant Disney decor throughout its parks, footbridges, gardens and recreational pathways.

Residents living here pay $25,000 a year for maintenance and homeowners association fees which includes a restaurant and lounge, a gym, a heated outdoor pool and a family room with game area, all run by top-notch “cast members” from the Disney family. It also includes concierge services to book park tickets, schedule VIP tours, dining reservations and even provide private transportation to any destination within Walt Disney World.

PLUS, Golden Oak residents receive five three-year annual passes, and each pass comes with five additional one-day theme park tickets.

Now I just need to win the lottery to afford to live there lol

New Study! Intelligent People Go to Bed Late, Is Messy, and Uses Bad Language


Believe or not, but people who swear, leaves a mess everywhere, and go to bed late are actually more honest and intelligent.

Intelligent People Swear More

According to studies, the ability to use fitting swear words is connected to language fluency and high vocabulary.

Intelligent People Go to Bed Late

According to studies those people who have the highest IQs are usually those who are most active at night


Smart People Are Messy People

New studies show  a clean working and living environment leads to more effective and efficient success and results

~ Megan