Taking a Vacation can actually have Health and Mental Benefits for you!

It’s obvious everyone wants to be on vacation right now or rather just all the time, but did you know taking a vacation can actually save your life?

Taking a vacation can actually have health and mental benefits for you!

Don’t be wasting those vacation days because there is some serious benefits for getting away on long well needed holiday once a year.

Your risk of death by heart disease is reduced by 21%

It improves your sleep strangely enough, as after your vacation you’re averaging an hour or more of good quality sleep

Finally it can decrease stress which is obvious but stress is linked to depression, anxiety, and accelerated aging.

So honestly if all of that didn’t make you want to go on a vacation… I don’t care, go on a vacation and come back and then tell me how much better you feel.

The average adult wastes away 3 hours and 9 minutes doing….

How often do you exercise during a normal week?

Most guidelines say you need 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week such as swimming, biking, jogging, that type of thing.

But most people don’t do that, so if they aren’t getting those 150 minutes in of exercise, what is that time used for instead?

According to a new study, the average adult wastes away 3 hours and 9 minutes siting on the toilet every single week.

This is a problem because the study found our that is more time than spending exercising!

In fact only 26 % of people are active for 30 minutes or less every 7 days!

So next time your just sitting on the toilet and legit just on your phone, and not doing your business anymore, just get up, go do something more productive, like go for a walk!

Having No Friends Saves You Money

You know how everyone always says having lots of friends are all fun and what not, but there are benefits to having no friends at all.

Living the single life in both romantic relationships and just friendships are a good thing!

The great thing about having no friends is the money you save in a year.

19% of us say we’ll spend $500 or more on gifts for their friends throughout the year.

There ya go, save money, be alone, save that money for yourself

Being Forgetful isn’t a Bad Thing!

Are you someone who constantly forgets where you left your phone?

Or you can’t remember where you put that important document?

Or maybe you’ve forgotten to pick up your kids from school….

Being forgetful is actually a sign that your brain functions better than you think!

Being forgetful could mean you are actually a pretty intelligent and smart person.

According to this study, our brains spends a lot of energy when you occupy it with new information and it can be challenging to keep learning new stuff.

There’s always new things that we need to learn, which means that everything that is getting older becomes less important in our brain.

This means that your brain needs to forget some pieces of information that are not that important in order to make the new information as a priority.

So you’re not forgetful! You’re a genius!

Dogs can Sense a Good or Bad Person!

You trust your dog, but does it trust you?

A recent study shows that dogs can analyze how reliable/trustworthy a person is!

Dogs can explain to us whether or not to trust another person.

Throughout the study, dogs wouldn’t take a treat from the people who behaved in a bad or rude way toward their owners.

It looks like dogs showed a good understanding of social rules and they avoided the people who mistreated their owners.

Parents spend more time watching Netflix than spending time with their kids

As parents, we spend twice as much time binging-watching Netflix as we do bonding with family!

A new study looked at the time we spend streaming Netflix every day compared to other activities, such as spending time with family, socializing with friends and exercising.

Netflix reports that its 117.58 million subscribers watch 140 million hours of content on average per day

The average user spends 1 hour and 11 minutes each day watching Netflix.

And families only spend anywhere from 34-37 minutes of quality, un-distracted time together

Hot Sauce is GOOD for your Health!

Where’s my hot sauce lovers?!

Not only does Hot Sauce just make your food taste way better, it’s actually incredibly good for you according to science

2 of the world’s top pepper experts have suggested that eating your food with hot sauce can improve your diet and overall health.

There’s even an ingredient in hot sauce which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cancer-fighting properties.

Another study said that those who ate spicy foods three to seven times a week live longer and have a reduced risk of dying from cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease by 14%.